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Our in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the healthcare ecosystem spans across multiple stakeholders’ perspectives, which range from promoters, physicians and CXOs to patients, payers and policy makers. Our guided, but deliberately unstructured, approach to interviews, which are always conducted by our own in-house team members, has helped us capture behavioural nuances, arrive at rich and actionable insights and validate seemingly unrelated data. Our clients for Market Research have ranged from robotic surgery and radiology equipment manufacturers to makers of point-of-care diagnostic devices and dialysis equipment. We have also helped large hospitals and other service providers, including governmental agencies, to fine-tune their product offerings and marketing initiatives.

Our services encompass:

>>Market Sizing and Forecasting

>>Market Entry & Growth Strategy

>>Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking

>>Purchase / Usage Drivers and Barriers

>>Pricing Research including Sensitivity Analysis

>> Key Opinion Leaders Strategy

The response time for any query on the project has been extremely quick. The engagement felt like an extension of the same team – rather than an arms-length “consulting” project.

— Robert H Barrow, President, BPL International LLC, Detroit, USA

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