Business Model Innovation

Given the increasingly competitive landscape, sustainable differentiation, while arriving at a product offering, can be the mantra to capture customer franchise and achieve superior financial returns. As we know, healthcare services currently available in the country suffer from a wide disparity, such as geographical access, affordability or quality. Such a challenging environment offers potential for myriad opportunities for newer delivery models. And if identified, conceptualized and executed with meticulous precision, these opportunities can lead to ground-breaking successes. Having created some of the most innovative and successful models in Indian healthcare, we can boast of our unparalleled track record and our unique approach.

Our service spectrum encompasses:

>> Healthcare Ecosystem Sensitization Workshop

>> Goal-Aligned Need Finding

>> Business Model Validation

>> Detailed Project Report

>> Pilot Execution

>> Scaling Up Strategy

Ratan brings a sense of perfection in whatever he does. He has created two of the most innovative and enviable models for the Apollo Hospitals Group– the Apollo Clinic and the Cradle.

— Dr Prathap C Reddy, Executive Chairman, Apollo Hospitals

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