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Developing strategy to leverage transformational technology in renal treatment

Medtronic had developed transformational technology for dialysis services. They engaged us to arrive at the Market Entry Strategy to gain significant market share in the Indian context.

Starting with an understanding of demand-supply gap, we conducted over 200 in-depth interviews across the country with multiple stakeholders. A key objective was to get a nuanced understanding of barriers for achieving significantly higher usage of dialysis services, with particular focus on geographical access and pricing. Given the increasing acceptance of stand-alone dialysis services providers through different models, we delved into their growth trajectory. We also analyzed the future plans of large hospitals and various governmental initiatives to improve access. Based on our analysis, we recommended options in terms of the desired partner profiles, investment scenarios and growth strategies.

To achieve a rapid increase in footprint, Medtronic entered into partnership with Apollo Hospitals group for this initiative. The group since then has had an impressive rollout including some PPP projects with state governments.

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