Prashant Dilwali


Johns Hopkins
Bloomberg School of Public Health

Intern :Nov – Dec 2011
Prashant Dilwali

Born and raised just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Prashant completed his Bachelor of Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There, he majored in Biology and minored in Economics. Entering MIT as a premedical student, Prashant obtained his EMT certification as a sophomore and actively volunteered on the MIT Ambulance. Upon graduation, Prashant worked as a strategy consultant in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology arena for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Prashant worked for a Medium client in December 2011 to establish processes for delivering the high level of customer service with a focus on patient experience as required by the client’s proposed business model. He also laid the foundation for monitoring and evaluation systems to supervise employees in the execution of numerous patient-centric processes.  Currently, Prashant is a candidate for a Masters in Health Administration at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and will be graduating in 2013.

Working with the team like one of them was an incredible experience.