Dr Ranjana Kumari


Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
Intern Feb 2010
Dr Ranjana Kumari

Dr Ranjana came to Medium while pursuing her Masters in Hospital Administration at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.  Having graduated with a Bachelor’s in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery in 2008, she completed several research-related internships at hospitals around India. For six months, she was a private practitioner at a homeopathic clinic before joining TISS. 

She completed a one-month internship with Medium in February of 2010.  She worked on a Medium client project in the area of patient experience and customer evangelism.  Dr Ranjana conducted an in-depth study of the patients at the client hospital, focusing on pain points, customer journey mapping and behavior insights.  The results of the patient study formed the basis for initiatives which Medium later recommended to the client. 

She now works as an Associate Consultant for Infosys in their Healthcare, Insurance and Life Sciences vertical.

A live project! Frankly, I couldn’t have expected more!