Patient Experience

Word-of-mouth referrals can potentially be the most important, and also the least expensive channel for acquiring new customers. It is well-established that the overall experience of a patient and his family gets impacted by multiple factors, which are not limited to just clinical outcome. When clinical outcomes achieve a near parity situation, focus on patient experience can be the true differentiator. In the backdrop of strongly aligned management focus, we begin with a simple and effective measurement metric and devise mechanism for operational integration. Our rich experience in tools such as Net Promoter Score, our uncanny ability to get customer insights and our high-impact execution capabilities have helped us plan and deliver remarkable results in patient experience improvement on a sustained basis. Our approach is summarized as follows:

>>Aligning Management Objectives with Patient Experience

>>Experience Measurement Metric & Operational Integration

>>Diagnosing factors influencing Patient Experience

>>Patient Journey Mapping

>>Identifying, Prioritizing & Executing Interventions

>> Team Formation, Buy-In, Goal Setting & Incentives

It has been quite a pleasure working with you on this project. We very much appreciate the creative thinking around potential additional markets we had not considered as well as information on competitors and market share, which we had not been able to get at all previously. — Ms Meg Wirth, Consultant, Commons Global Health Fund, USA

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