Sagar Hospitals

Leveraging patient journey maps to transform overall customer experience for diagnostic services


With Bengaluru witnessing high-intensity competition from national players, Sagar Hospitals engaged us to improve patient experience and leverage it as the differentiator for their flagship hospital.


To understand pain points and wow moments, we began with comprehensive patient journey mapping for different diagnostic services: pathology and imaging. We also had in-depth interviews with internal team members to identify bottlenecks. Open-ended interviews with patients and their relatives from different payer segments helped us capture additional nuances about factors influencing their overall experience.
We subsequently recommended multiple interventions and helped shortlist the high-impact ones. A detailed blueprint, which included training, appropriate technology interventions and strategy to reward service quality champions, followed by rigorous implementation helped us achieve the desired objectives.


Our interventions not only helped in improving employee engagement, but resulted in noticeable competitive advantage because of the right patient experience. Similar initiatives were implemented for the department of preventive health check-ups.

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